Vidalia Upper Elementary

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3rd, 4th, 5th Grade items to returned to school with returning Virtual students.

3rd Grade
School Supplies
Carlton, Kennedy/Getter
1. Novels ( Dino Before Dark, Knight at Dawn)
2. Reading Packets
3. Social Studies Packets
Poole, Brown, Pilgrim
1. Math Workbook
2. Science Workbook
4th Grade
1. Chromebooks
2. School Supplies
ELA: The Whipping Boy, Knight and Castles, The Whipping Boy unit workbook
Math: 2 workbooks (Practice and Learn), Whiteboard, Dry-Ease marker & eraser
Science: Workbook
Social Studies: N/A
5th Grade
School Supplies
Math: 2 Math workbooks
ELA: 3 Novels ( Birchbark, Pedro Journal, First Americans), Binders with Materials
Science: Workbook
Social Studies: N/A